Accommodations for our students


SHG LYON has its apartments for students. It is to rent only for SHG Students. The apartment is furnished, all commodities are included in the price (internet, water, heater, electricity). Students only pay when they are studying in Lyon. During internships outside Lyon, students don't need to pay the rent. 

For further information regarding those apartment, please contact Mr Michael Faure at SHG LYON. Email: Phone: +33 (0) 9 62 57 00 73

Apartment no. 1:

Flat: Furnished | 3 bedrooms (2 students per room) | Kitchen - Living room - Bathroom | Internet

20 minutes away from the school (Buses)

Next availabale date: June 30th 2019

SHG Lyon Apartment No. 1:

4 rue du 55 aout 1789, Villeurbanne, France