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Message from our CEO

"Not everybody can afford to study in Switzerland at SHG Geneva or simply in Switzerland, that's the reason why we decided to open schools abroad. 

 SHG is offering to Lyon the Swiss Hospitality School reputation with the Swiss Management, the Swiss Quality, the Swiss Experience and the famous Swiss Hospitality which is no. 1 in the world.

SHG Swiss Hospitality Group is the only group to export his know-how abroad.  

 Quality is the most important for us, that's why our classrooms are limited to 10-15 students to ensure the best learning environment.

We care so much about our students that we find paid-internships to all of them. Not only the first year, not only at the end of the studies, but every single year thanks to SHG partnerships with luxury hotels and international companies. 

Besides the strong academic knowledge, our students are building an impressive CV with working experience every year for 6-months. At the end of the studies, it makes a real difference.

Students at SHG Lyon have all they need to succeed: a brand new campus in the best district in Lyon, a team at their disposal, we even provide an accommodation and airport pick-up to our students. Teachers are among the best in Europe. Therefore, students have no excuses to fail, they are in perfect conditions to become successful managers. The only thing we want is ambitious students who want to be the next leaders !"

SHG Swiss Hospitality Group

100 % owned by private funds from Switzerland, SHG Swiss Hospitality Group is becoming a leader in Education, Business and Hospitality in several countries thanks to SHG Schools. 

In addition, SHG has 2 more departments: hotels & consulting.

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Michael FAURE


Assistant Manager - SHG LYON

Margarita LYTKO


Academic Assistant - SHG LYON



Placement & Career Manager



Assistant Manager - SHG LYON



Hilde GUSTAFSSON - Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Augusta NDZANA - Communication, Leadership

Serge EVRAERT - Accounting, Finance

Noémie VABRES - English Language, French Language

Alice CHIRON - French Language

Caroline ADAM - Luxury World, Housekeeping Dpt

André VIVIERE - Food & Beverage Service

François CHEVALLIER - Kitchen, Hygiene, Cost Control in F&B, Culinary Art

Stéphane ROBERT - Digital Marketing

Larisa ANISOARA - Spa & Wellness

Agnès HAY - Wines of the World

Patrick ASTRUGUE - International Tourism

Michèle-Marie DIEBER - Human Resources, Recruitment

Clara FLORSCH - Recruitment, Body Language

Marouan KHARCHICH - Management of People, Hospitality Management, International Relations

Ivanna MOSNITSKA - Russian Language

Jin CHEN - Chinese & Cantonese Languages

Andrea RUSSO ZAMBRANO - Spanish Language