Jean-Baptiste (France)

IHM MBA Student at SHG LYON:

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jean-Baptiste, I am 22 and study Hospitality in SHG Lyon at MBA level. Before that I completed two Bachelors, one in communication and the other in languages.

What are you studying at SHG Lyon?

Hospitality. In concrete it means all that refers to hotel/restaurant organisation. From cost control and management to Service techniques and SPA.

Which aspects are especially to highlight? 

As previously mentioned, the large range of studies’ subjects taught by professionals helps realising what hospitality has to offer. The atmosphere is very positive even friendly among students and teachers. This is partly due to the limited number of students per class which is for me valuable.

What are your career objectives and how SHG Lyon will contribute to this project?

I aim to become Hotel Manager and I think SHG Lyon will provide me a valuable knowledge and opportunities to reach my goal quicker.

What would you say to convince a student to sign up for SHG?

SHG provides a perfect balance between theory and practise by finding students 6 months internships all over the world.

Ambre (France)

IHM MBA Student at SHG LYON:

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ambre. I am a 20 years old SHG Lyon student.

What are you studying at SHG Lyon?

I am currently an International Hospitality Management student, in MBA. I have a bachelor degree in Accounting and Management. My goal is to become Hotel Manager so I decided to specialize myself in Hospitality Management.

Can you tell us about your internship at the Golden Tulip Hotel 4* on the French Riviera in summer 2018?

Before the beginning of the MBA Mr Gregoire and I wanted myself to do an internship in order to have experiences in hospitality. Mrs Bruines helped me to find it. I did this internship at the Golden Tulip Sophia-Antipolis****.

What were your tasks?

I was Assistant F&B Manager. My missions were to do the services at the hotel restaurant and to help the F&B Manager in administration.

What did you learn and how will it be useful to serve your aim of becoming a hotel manager?

It was a really strong experience because I learnt how to work in luxury company. As my aim is to become Hotel Manager, I want to know all the hospitality professions in order to be as well a great leader in Hospitality Management.

Prakash (India)

Life at the school:

You are a student in Bachelor at SHG LYON. What was your first impression when you arrived?

"I really liked the intake day, as it was a great way to show us how the next days would be like and our future in the hospitality industry."

Did you visit the city? Do you like Lyon?

"Yes, we even had a visit in Lyon and I enjoyed it very much."

What do you like the most at SHG Lyon?

"The teachers have a lot of patience with us and help us in any matter."

What are your favorite courses?

"The practical classes are my favorite !"

Sesilya (Indonesia)

Courses at SHG LYON:

“I feel so welcomed and taken care of in the school. The teachers are very attentive when it comes to our understanding and learning in class. In each course, we are given the chance to debate if we do not agree with some statements and also we are able to develop our own ideas.”