Jean-Baptiste (France)

Jean-Baptiste (France)

Jean-Baptiste (France)


Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jean-Baptiste, I am 22 and study Hospitality in SHG Lyon at MBA level. Before that I completed two Bachelors, one in communication and the other in languages.

What are you studying at SHG Lyon?

Hospitality. In concrete it means all that refers to hotel/restaurant organisation. From cost control and management to Service techniques and SPA.

Which aspects are especially to highlight? 

As previously mentioned, the large range of subjects taught by professionals helps realising what hospitality has to offer. The atmosphere is very positive and even friendly among students and teachers. This is partly due to the limited number of students per class which is for me valuable.

What are your career objectives and how SHG Lyon will contribute to this project?

I aim to become Hotel Manager and I think SHG Lyon will provide me a valuable knowledge and opportunities to reach my goal quicker.

What would you say to convince a student to sign up for SHG?

SHG provides a perfect balance between theory and practise by finding students 6 months internships all over the world.

Ambre (France)

Jean-Baptiste (France)

Jean-Baptiste (France)


Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ambre. I am a 20 years old SHG Lyon student.

What are you studying at SHG Lyon?

I am currently an International Hospitality Management student, in MBA. I have a bachelor degree in Accounting and Management. My goal is to become Hotel Manager so I decided to specialize myself in Hospitality Management.

Can you tell us about your internship at the Golden Tulip Hotel 4* on the French Riviera in summer 2018?

Before the beginning of the MBA Mr Gregoire and I wanted myself to do an internship in order to have experiences in hospitality. Mrs Bruines helped me to find it. I did this internship at the Golden Tulip Sophia-Antipolis****.

What were your tasks?

I was Assistant F&B Manager. My missions were to do the services at the hotel restaurant and to help the F&B Manager in administration tasks.

What did you learn and how will it be useful to serve your aim of becoming a hotel manager?

It was a really strong experience because I learned how to work in a luxury company. As my aim is to become Hotel Manager, I want to know all the hospitality professions in order to be as well a great leader in Hospitality Management.


Agnes (India)

Experience at SHG LYON

Can you Introduce yourself?

"My name is Agnes Bernard. I am from (Kolkata) India. Former National Winner of IIHM Young Chef India 2016. Presently completing my Bachelor’s degree from SHG Lyon. I am extremely passionate about global cuisine, I love traveling, meeting new people and learn about their culture and cuisine." 

How was the welcome in Lyon ? 

"SHG Lyon has welcomed different nationalities and cultures with open arms. This Institution has given us an opportunity to explore our talents and dreams in the Luxurious World of Hospitality and culinary Arts."

What aspects are especially to highlight?

"What has amazed me the most about Lyon as a City is the people and the youth living in Lyon, according to me Lyon is a city for the youth, filled with great talents, entertainment, hard-work and most importantly love and the true understanding of "sharing ". 

I am also very impressed by the method and material of teaching used at SHG Lyon."

What are your career objectives and how will SHG Lyon contribute to this project?

"I am extremely passionate about global cuisine and hence would like to become a claimed celebrity Chef and create my own master menus. I truly believe and know that SHG Lyon is definitely contributing toward us achieving our goals as they provide us with the best hospitality and culinary education. They also arrange  for a six month paid internships each year at renowned 5-star hotel chains across the globe so that we may have a clear understanding and proper experiences in the real world of hospitality management."

What would you say to encourage a student to sign up for SHG Lyon?

"SHG Lyon is like a family where different cultures and nationalities come together to learn and experience the true meaning of hospitality management. It’s an amazing and outstanding experience to be able to be part of this Prestigious Institution. I truly recommend SHG Lyon to all the students who would like to study Hospitality Management for remember we must learn from the best to be “THE BEST”."


Sesilya (Indonesia)

“I feel so welcomed and taken care of in the school. The teachers are very attentive when it comes to our understanding and learning in class. In each course, we are given the chance to debate if we do not agree with some statements and also we are able to develop our own ideas.”


Lucas (France)

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Lucas Del Grosso. I’m 20 years old. I’m currently studying in the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management (IHM), following several classes like entrepreneurship, wines of the world or luxury world for instance.

Which aspects are especially to highlight?

The aspect which I will highlight is the international opportunity. The school really pushes you to discover yourself and going abroad will help you to take responsability and grow in the hotel industry.

What are your career objectives and how SHG Lyon will contribute to this project?

My career objective is to become a director or general manager in a luxury hotel. SHG contributes to reach my goal with very specific courses and topics, as well as internships in worldwilde hotel companies.

What would you say to convince a student to sign up for SHG?

You will find everything you need for your career. We have several different profiles but we all find our way and everything in a good vibes environment.


Opeyemi (Nigeria)

Can you introduce yourself?

My name Opeyemi Olutayo, I am from Nigeria, Africa.

What are you studying at SHG Lyon?

I am currently studying MBA in International Business Management.

The welcoming in Lyon?

It was an interesting week overall, the Tour of Lyon organized by the school assisted me to know more about the city and the environs; also the visit to the museum was so fascinating.  

The international year group?

Firstly, it was an experience I can never forget in a hurry, meeting other international students during the international year group; It was amazing to be among students from other countries across the world and making new friends. 

How was the Accommodation?

The school accommodation is fully fitted with all the necessary equipment both in the kitchen and the bedroom to make life easier and comfortable to settle down fast in the city.

What are your career objectives and how SHG Lyon will contribute to this project?

I would like to be a director of one of the international companies in future and I know I am on the right path to start the journey, I know SHG Lyon is ready to assist me with all the knowledge and career support that will assist me to fulfill my dreams.

What would you say to convince a student to sign up for SHG?

SHG Lyon is not an institution that only focuses on teaching and giving certificates to graduates, this is an institution that emboldens, nurtures and sees you accomplish your desires and dreams.


Yusr (Syria)

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Yusr, I am Syrian, I’ve spent my life between Saudi Arabia and France, and then ironically decided to continue my studies in Lyon to get the best out of it and make good lasting memories.

What are you studying at SHG Lyon and why?

I am doing my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management. I’ve chosen this field to support my business later.

What is your career goal and how will SHG Lyon contribute to this project?

If you want to be the best, you should join the best and SHG Schools are the place to be if you are looking to launch yourself in the international business world, and that’s why I rushed to join SHG to improve my abilities even more and gain international experience.

Abhinav (India)

Myself Abhinav Kasarla, 24 years, from India. Currently, I am doing my masters in Hospitality Management at SHG Lyon, France. I was really passionate about my career and goals in hospitality industry. This gave me a spirit to explore the world and enhance my knowledge as well as empower managerial skills and abilities to grow as a successful hotelier. I choose SHG Lyon because it provides a diverse culture, quality education and extra curricular activities to the students which helps to chase their dreams and achieve it. The social life in SHG is really overwhelming, a personal kind of friendly feel and courteous people and I felt like a second home. I prefer SHG for their professional faculty who has a great knowledge about the courses and helping students to understand each and every subject in detail, also helps to the students doubts by giving a clear picture to them in the class or even through messages or emails very quickly. The case studies and exams in the school gives a broader eye view and great impact to understand the overview and great insight. 


I did my internship in Marriott Brussels Grand Place, Belgium.The internship provided by SHG is a glorious opportunity to me because it is an on-site exposure in a multi-national company which helps you to gain professional real time experience. Marriott international is a largest chain group in the world with more than 6000+ hotels in 130+ countries and also a global brand in producing the finest professionals. I feel like really blessed and blissed to be a part of this brand at least for a particular period. In this internship, I have gained vast knowledge and performing skills in guest relations and delivering consistent professional services to the guests of the hotel by exceptional facilities  and guest preferences during their stay, also satisfying the guest stay up to the core by giving my best as knowing the real need of the guest, properly utilising the resources, proving the brand loyalty as well as mine to the guest and taking a positive feedback for the repeat business. All the skills that I acquire in this internship is inevitable and took me to the next level in my career. I would like to specially thank SHG for this wonderful opportunity to prove myself and to seek an impeccable professional background which leads to a successful career.